Marples Violins
From the viewpoint of both acoustic success and visual esthetics, my best instruments have been based on notable classic Italian models from
the era between the late Sixteenth and early 18th centuries. Models that have resulted in particularly successful instruments in the past seem
to be useful guides to creating successful modern ones. My instruments are not strict copies and I do try to account for the distortion
produced by wear and tension over the centuries. I use what might be considered the classic Cremonese method of instrument construction,
building the rib structure around an inside mold and generating the plate outlines from the shape of the ribs. I don't take shortcuts with
materials or techniques, keeping the quality of the final product as my priority.
Particularly successful violin models have been the "Kreisler" Guarneri del Gesu of ca. 1730 and the "Glennie" Strad of 1704. My favorite viola
model is the Brothers Amati alto of ca. 1620 scaled to a back length of 16 1/4" and using a somewhat updated (ca 1700) system of arching and
graduation. I also have good results with a smaller viola (15 1/3") based on the uncut alto of Gasparo da Salo ca 1580. My favorite cello has
been the "Davidov" Stradivari of 1712 though I'm keeping the possibility of a future instrument based on a Venetian maker (Gofriller or
Montagnana) in mind.
See the "Commissions" page for more information on special models.
Prices for my new violins are $6000 to $8000, violas are $8000 to $10,000. Cellos are by commission only and start at $20,000. These prices
are current as of May, 2010 but are subject to change.